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Kohtu 8-7, Kuressaare, Saaremaa
Tel: (+372) 45 54474
Mobile  (+372) 53 974 866

Only a few minutes walk from main square

The studio is located centrally in the quiet neighbourhood of the old town, within walking distance of castle, town centre, marina, spa hotels and bus station. Kuressaare airport is 5km away and can be reached easily also by bus or taxi.

The Studio is located in the oldest part of this apartment building, dating to 1860.

How to get here

Studio Khiron is situated in Kuressaare, the main town on the island of Saaremaa. The bus terminal in Kuressaare is approximately 1km from Studio Khiron.
  • By air fly to Tallinn airport then from Tallinn Airport to Kuressaare Airport. Kuressaare Airport is approximately 6km from Studio Khiron and is best reached by taxi (although occasional bus service available).
  • By bus from main bus station in Tallinn, journey time is about 4 hours and includes a short ferry crossing from the mainland (Virtsu) to the island (Kuivastu). It is suggested to book seats on bus beforehand. The bus station is approximately 3km from the airport and can be reached from the airport, town or ferry terminal by bus or taxi.
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  • By car if driving from Tallinn, the route is same as the bus. Book and allow for a short ferry crossing between Virtsu to the island (Kuivastu).
To reach the studio: the studio is located on Kohtu - this small street joins to the heart of the town, and the studio is only two minutes walk from the centre of town.

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