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View inside Studio Khiron, with dining table, chandelier, and  ward-drobe
Kohtu, street leading to Studio Khiron

Only a few minutes walk from main square

Studio Khiron is located in a quiet neighbourhood of Kuressaare, only a few minutes walk from the main square. Click Getting Here for address and directions to the studio.

The town has a range of excellent amenities. Banks, shops, market, restaurants, cafes, pubs, wine bars, spa hotels, castle, art galleries, boutiques, parks, and beach are all within easy reach by foot. The bus terminal is approximately 1km away.

Studio Khiron

Studio Khiron forms part of a former stone farmhouse building.  The studio is very warm and cozy in the winter, and well-insulated around the sides, above and underneath.  It is generally very quiet and peaceful - no traffic noise.  The studio is kept immaculately clean.

lounge with tv
High quality HD Cable TV (with all your favourite channels) mounted
on wall facing the sofas/beds

A local artisan with his wife developed the interior of the studio in 2002 - the interior now looks amazing (yet another example of the creative talents of the Estonian people).  Visitors staying at Studio Khiron enjoy the remarkable design of the living space, as well as the peace and quiet - see comments we have received.



Door to building
Door to building
Kuressaare, with a population of around 15,000 people, is a medieval town located on the south coast of the island of Saaremaa, an island on the western coast of the mainland of Estonia. In recent times, the town has seen many improvements such as the building of a brand new library with Internet access, development of the marina and other sports/spa complexes. Whilst there are developments taking place, the character of the town has not changed.

An attractive medieval castle is situated a few minutes walk away from the town centre, whilst the central area of the town boasts some fine buildings such as the town hall. 

Castle and Moat
Castle and Moat


Approximately 40,000 inhabitants live on the island, which measures around 50 miles (80 km) from one end of the island to the other. Kuressaare is the island's commercial centre.  Saaremaa is rich in plant life and woodland, offering some wonderful sights and in many places, peace and silence.


Juhan Smuul - Muhu
Juhan Smuul - Muhu
 Juhan Smuu Muhu
  Juhan Smuul - Muhu  
Kaali Meteorite Crater
Kaali Meteorite Crater


Map of Europe 
Estonia is situated in north eastern Europe and is one of the three Baltic states which includes Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. It borders the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland, Russia and Latvia. Countries close to Estonia include Russia, Latvia and Finland. Estonia's population is around 1.5 million, whilst its land area is 17,000 sq miles (slightly bigger than Denmark, but smaller than Ireland). The capital city is Tallinn. Some have said that parts of Tallinn resemble parts of Prague.

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